The Bad Guy

I won’t hold my breath, but thanks anyways.


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Easy Pickens’

OK, OK.  I need to explain myself.  I have nothing against Sarah Palin or her family.  Bristol Palin might have made a mistake, but I know so many other folks (and myself) who made impulsive, wrong-headed decisions in their youth and it’s wrong to take pot-shots at a young lady in crisis.

So what?  Bristol Palin is with child.  The important thing is that her family is sticking together and showing their love by supporting her in this difficult time.  This is how it should be.  A family being so strong and accepting is a beautiful thing, an example to show the rest of the country.  To the Palin Family, I wish for you nothing but blessings.

But what about the young gentleman purported to be the father of Bristol’s unborn child?

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Let’s Harass A Has-Been

Here’s something slightly interesting.  Alex Jones yelling at Michelle Malkin.  Just like you, my first reaction to this was “So what?”

Who really gives a damn about Michelle Malkin anymore?  She served her purpose for a couple of years and has ceased to be of any use to anyone on the far-right, so why bug the lady?  Sure, there’s lingering resentment to her views that cross the line into crazy-town constantly, but why kick her while she’s down?  And to Michelle, I need to ask you: What were you thinking?  You’re a very recognizable, unpopular person and you headed straight for the protesters and took some pictures.  Great thinking.  Just because no one gives a damn what you say anymore doesn’t mean people don’t hold grudges against you.  And getting yelled at by Alex Jones is not going to get you back in the good graces of the folks who dropped you and your tired shtick ages ago.  Michelle, your act is out of style, and Alex Jones, go yell at the people who really deserve it.  Michelle Malkin is to be ignored.

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