The Bad Guy

Joe Biden

Watching the DNC can be trying. Every time the band starts to play, I keep thinking that Sammy Davis, jr. is going to show up and do a number (and I’m always disappointed that he doesn’t…could be because he’s no longer on this mortal coil), the red, white and blue hats bug the hell out of me and there’s some jackass with a god damned tambourine that keeps shaking it at every applause line. Continue reading


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I’m Not A Big Fan Of Chris Matthews…

…But I have to give him credit when he says something so true. Continue reading

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Four Years Ago

Before i get to anything relating to the Hillary Clinton speech tonight, allow me to reminisce about a conversation I had at work four years ago.

The city: San Francisco, California.

The place: The front desk of a run-down apartment building on Sixth st.

The man behind the front desk: Me. Continue reading

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Let’s Harass A Has-Been

Here’s something slightly interesting.  Alex Jones yelling at Michelle Malkin.  Just like you, my first reaction to this was “So what?”

Who really gives a damn about Michelle Malkin anymore?  She served her purpose for a couple of years and has ceased to be of any use to anyone on the far-right, so why bug the lady?  Sure, there’s lingering resentment to her views that cross the line into crazy-town constantly, but why kick her while she’s down?  And to Michelle, I need to ask you: What were you thinking?  You’re a very recognizable, unpopular person and you headed straight for the protesters and took some pictures.  Great thinking.  Just because no one gives a damn what you say anymore doesn’t mean people don’t hold grudges against you.  And getting yelled at by Alex Jones is not going to get you back in the good graces of the folks who dropped you and your tired shtick ages ago.  Michelle, your act is out of style, and Alex Jones, go yell at the people who really deserve it.  Michelle Malkin is to be ignored.

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It’s Democratic Convention time! And where am I? Exactly where I should not be if I ever wanted to cover this thing properly: DC. Continue reading

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Dick Thornburgh: “Snitchin’ Is Patriotic.”

Dick Thornburgh knows all about how you “right to privacy” kids roll. Y’all like to talk on the phone and not be listened to by the government. Well, kids, listen up: getting mad at the phone company, and by extension, the government for listening to your phone calls is just like supporting “Stop Snitchin'” campaigns. So do your bit! Stop your blubbering and allow the phone companies to continue the snitchin’.

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Baby, I prefer the word “difficult.”

I recently received an e mail from a good friend (perhaps you got some variation on it, too) titled “The Day The Penis Asked For A Raise.” It went a little something like this:

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National Rock ‘N’ Roll Monument

I was watching “the McLaughlin Group” yesterday and noticed this:

Yeah! Let’s lighten the mood by clumsily discussing Elvis. What is even more horrifying was that Pat Buchanan had a better grasp on the significance of Elvis than anyone on the panel. It is true that rock undermines authority, that’s why kids flock to the genre. But he was also correct in pointing out Elvis’ roll as a cold warrior…or at least a symbol of the cold war.

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It’s been a long time

I have not posted anything since 6/6/07.  I will be posting again soon, but I wanted to let everyone know that it has not been sloth that prevented me from writing.

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OK, as long as it’s a small one.

I know, I missed the boat on covering the Democratic debate on Sunday.  All I can say is that I was busy and a little too lazy to go back through that mess.

Anyway, among the many things that disturbed me about last night’s Republican debate on CNN was this:

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