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National Rock ‘N’ Roll Monument

I was watching “the McLaughlin Group” yesterday and noticed this:

Yeah! Let’s lighten the mood by clumsily discussing Elvis. What is even more horrifying was that Pat Buchanan had a better grasp on the significance of Elvis than anyone on the panel. It is true that rock undermines authority, that’s why kids flock to the genre. But he was also correct in pointing out Elvis’ roll as a cold warrior…or at least a symbol of the cold war.

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Here is your Saturday night video:

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It’s A Horrible Gig

the city: San Francisco, CA

the location: a small rock club

the year: early 2003

My band is on stage and we are playing our hearts out. Dave is ruling the guitar world, I’m doing my best Sammy Davis Danzig, jr. song stylings, and the drum machine is sending out crushing machine gun beats and synth bass.

The audience is not enthused. In fact, the audience is not even there. Three patrons are upstairs and trying REAL hard to not notice us. We finish a song and the silence is almost humiliating. Not even crickets chirped for us. But we go on. We play 13 more songs about self-loathing, addiction, cats, misanthropy, nuns, more self-loathing and Hugo Boss and the audience still does not care.

We end the set and I say goodbye.

“Good night! You’ve been a shitty audience! Go fuck yourselves.”

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