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It’s Democratic Convention time! And where am I? Exactly where I should not be if I ever wanted to cover this thing properly: DC. Continue reading


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Dick Thornburgh: “Snitchin’ Is Patriotic.”

Dick Thornburgh knows all about how you “right to privacy” kids roll. Y’all like to talk on the phone and not be listened to by the government. Well, kids, listen up: getting mad at the phone company, and by extension, the government for listening to your phone calls is just like supporting “Stop Snitchin'” campaigns. So do your bit! Stop your blubbering and allow the phone companies to continue the snitchin’.

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OK, as long as it’s a small one.

I know, I missed the boat on covering the Democratic debate on Sunday.  All I can say is that I was busy and a little too lazy to go back through that mess.

Anyway, among the many things that disturbed me about last night’s Republican debate on CNN was this:

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About That Condoleezza Rice Article

A few days ago I read on article where Condoleezza Rice was reported to have said that Russia “at times seems to think and act in the zero-sum terms of another era.” Now that article has been edited to revise those remarks.

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The McLaughlin Group (5/25/07)…And then I go off on a tangent.

I don’t care what you say, I love the McLaughlin group. It’s always a nice wrap-up of the week’s events and I just love hearing old folks yell at one another. Also, between Pat Buchanan prefacing his points by saying “John…” and Eleanor Clift screeching “EXCUSE ME!” to get a word in edgewise, TMG has all the requirements to be the playing field for a great drinking game.

John McLaughlin: Issue ONE! [down a shot] : Farewell Falwell.

McLaughlin asked the group who got the better part of the alliance between the Religious Right and the Republican Party: Falwell or the GOP?

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President Bush At The Coast Guard Academy (5/23/07)

Why do I put myself through such things? I went to the C-SPAN website and clicked the link to view President Bush’s commencement address at the Coast Guard Academy. I looked at the run time and said to myself, “It’s only 33 minutes. I’ll watch this and write a quick entry on it, no problem!” Was I ever wrong. Time slowed as I watched the President give one of his most boring speeches ever. What took 33 minutes to watch seemed like over twice that, but I persevered. Below I offer highlights so none have to waste the time watching the whole thing like I did.

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I stumbled upon this photo today and I asked myself “Have you ever seen Cheney this happy?” He’s with his grandson who will carry on the family name and the look on his face is one of pure, simple, joy and pride.

Upon further thought I wondered “Wait, have I ever seen him happier?”

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Video Of Omon

In case the pics were not enough, here is some video from the Omon media event.  What I really enjoyed on this was the updated testudo formation.  It proves that the classics, truly, never go out of style. Sadly, Ajax and the fluffy cat are nowhere to be seen.

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The fact that Russia is cracking down on dissent should not come as a shock to anyone. Since the entire history of Russia is saturated with war, violent political power-plays and brutal assaults on dissent, I’m only surprised by the times when the Russian government is NOT wearing an iron fist. Don’t get me wrong, I do not approve of Putin clamping down on the freedoms of his people, but I am in no way surprised.

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Not like I’m taking credit for this…

…But I did see it coming.  It turns out that that “TOMORROW’S PIONEERS”, the Palestinian children’s show that features Mickey Hamouse telling kids to drink their milk and destroy Israel has been cancelled.  One might think that it had to do with the public outrage, but I would like to think it was the fear of litigation.

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