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Dick Thornburgh: “Snitchin’ Is Patriotic.”

Dick Thornburgh knows all about how you “right to privacy” kids roll. Y’all like to talk on the phone and not be listened to by the government. Well, kids, listen up: getting mad at the phone company, and by extension, the government for listening to your phone calls is just like supporting “Stop Snitchin'” campaigns. So do your bit! Stop your blubbering and allow the phone companies to continue the snitchin’.


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President Bush At The Coast Guard Academy (5/23/07)

Why do I put myself through such things? I went to the C-SPAN website and clicked the link to view President Bush’s commencement address at the Coast Guard Academy. I looked at the run time and said to myself, “It’s only 33 minutes. I’ll watch this and write a quick entry on it, no problem!” Was I ever wrong. Time slowed as I watched the President give one of his most boring speeches ever. What took 33 minutes to watch seemed like over twice that, but I persevered. Below I offer highlights so none have to waste the time watching the whole thing like I did.

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White House News Conference (4/3/07)

It was a beautiful day so the President had his news conference outside. Even Cheney was there to “enjoy the day.”

But Cheney standing off to the side like a pissed-off Colonel Tom Parker was not the only thing to report on. I now bring you:


-The reinforcements for Iraq will all be in place by June of this year. Two of the five brigades are already there, and a third just moved from Kuwait to Baghdad and will be operational “in the coming weeks.”

-Continuing the tactic of accusing the Congress of holding the troops hostage with bad legislation, Bush remarked that it has now been 57 days since he asked for emergency funds for the troops.

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White House Press Briefing (3/28/07)

I miss Tony Snow. His expert abilities in the art of BS has kept me tuning in to the White House press briefings for almost a year. Not that Scott McClellan was awful, he was just unable to BS with the ease that Tony Snow can. And I won’t fault Snow for what he does. He is not there to tell the unvarnished truth to America, he’s there to present the views of the Executive Branch of our government. So to be angry at Tony Snow for doing his job, wouldn’t be fair.

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First Amendment Leadership Award

I just got done watching the tail end of this years “First Amendment Leadership Award.” And who was the recipient? Roger Ailes of FOX News. I had a whole bunch of snarky comments to share about the man, but I won’t do it. Instead I offer:


– A video featuring members of the FOX News “A” squad giving testimonials about how much they love their boss. Nothing to pick apart there. Though I will say that if I was ordered at camera-point to say how awesome my boss was, I’d probably end up doing it. Especially if it meant that I got to keep my job. I think my favorite part was Bill O’Reilly teling a story about how they went after the Red Cross after 9/11, and went after state governments about child protection and treated them as villains. Not only that, but Bill even admires Ailes when he yells at him.

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Jay Inslee talks about Sci-Fi…kinda

I was watching C-SPAN  just now and perked up when Rep. Jay Inslee mentioned the use of ocean waves to produce electricity.  I perked up because this is actually one of the plot points for the upcoming film Southland Tales.  Turns out that such a thing is being worked on…

…And for a second I was flashing back to late Summer (?) of last year when Joe Biden quoted a line from the from the teaser trailer for Rocky Balboa (you know “It’s not how hard you can hit…It’s about how hard you can get hit.”) in a speech he made in South Carolina.  Of course the Biden thing was a whole other ball of wax.  His speech writers should have been slapped around for laziness.  I guess it shows just how little a threat Biden really poses that no one picked up on that line at the time…Or how few had seen the first teaser trailer for Rocky Balboa.

The Inslee speech bugged me because I was about to write a stinging, sarcastic missive about how he should put the bong down until I did a bit of research.

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