The Bad Guy

A letter from AIG

Now that I own a home I have to deal with all the wonderful things that go along with that.  Taxes, condo fees, dealing with all repairs myself, and insurance.  And guess what company insures my place?  If you said AIG you’d be correct.  Anyway, being a little on edge about the state of the company that’s supposed to help me out should my house burn down or whatever, I inquired about things.  This is the response that I got.  OK, this, most likely, is the response all of AIG’s customers got today:

From: xxx
Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2008 11:54 AM
To: xxxxxxx
Subject: Updated Broker Communication
Importance: High

To Our Capital Region Broker Partners:

Please see the attached PDF to assist in your conversations with clients.  Despite all of the negative press regarding our parent company, I cannot emphasize enough that AIG Private Client Group is one of many AIG Property & Casualty insurance businesses that are all rated individually, continue to be well capitalized and are performing well.  Our entire management team is available to address any specific questions you may have and as more information becomes available I will get it in your hands ASAP.  Thank you for your continued support during this unprecedented time in our company’s history.



You see, my favorite part of this is where “JC” refers to what is happening as “negative press.”  As if the whole issue was made up by the media in an attempt to create scandal.  You know, that would be the case if the head of AIG’s genitals were photographed by the papparazzi and sent to TMZ.  That’s scandal.   THIS is a full-blown fuck-up that goes beyond a simple “oops.”


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  1. Great point about the “negative press” portion of his letter. Nice touch there JC!

    Comment by agentlinzee | October 9, 2008 | Reply

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