The Bad Guy

I’m Not A Big Fan Of Chris Matthews…

…But I have to give him credit when he says something so true.

[Apologies for the capture quality]

He’s right. I know I didn’t care that much about politics until bush was elected. Sure, in the last election, it was my only motivating factor for voting: “Get Bush out of office.” But as I already said in my last post, my heart wasn’t in it for Kerry.

All I knew was that what Bush was doing was counter to my own sense of right and wrong and I really couldn’t abide by that. But having said that, there is the other perverse reality that Bush did inspire me to give a damn about politics and my country, to research bills, to volunteer for political campaigns and to stay aware. No, Bush is not my favorite president, and no I do not agree with much of any of his policies, but he is responsible for waking me up from my ambivalence. And for that, I thank him.

As for Obama, I want to see him giving 300% in this campaign. I’ve given time and money to it.I even flew across the country just so I could make sure I voted in the California Primary (not that it did any good, but that’s not the point). He has set the bar extremely high for himself. Now it’s time for him to clear it and make us proud.


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  1. Happen to catch Chris Mathews recently. I think the thrill
    up and down his leg, at this point, could be corrected by buying a package of ‘Depends’

    Comment by Dan Monte | April 25, 2009 | Reply

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