The Bad Guy

Four Years Ago

Before i get to anything relating to the Hillary Clinton speech tonight, allow me to reminisce about a conversation I had at work four years ago.

The city: San Francisco, California.

The place: The front desk of a run-down apartment building on Sixth st.

The man behind the front desk: Me.

The day was cool, we had just gotten cable TV at the front desk, and I was enjoying heck out of it. On the TV Barack Obama was giving his keynote address, and he had my attention, as well as that of at least 10 residents.

resident 1: Who’s that?

me: Barack Obama.

resident 2: Shut THE fuck UP!

resident 1: [In hushed tones speaking close to my ear] Who is that guy?

me: He’s running for Senate in Illinois.

resident 1: No shit?

me: No shit.

resident 2: Could you please be quiet?

resident 3: I heard his father was a goat herder from Kenya.

Resident 1: That’s America, father herded goats, and his son runs for Senate.

About seven other residents: SHUT…UP!!!

me: Please, I’m trying to watch this, too.

resident 2: Thank you!

None of us made a peep until Obama had finished his speech. We were all very impressed. I can’t speak for anyone else in the building, but I was energized and optimistic about a politician for the first time in ages. The dampener for me was that John Kerry just wasn’t doing it for me. I was only for him because he wasn’t Bush. That’s it. I know the people who worked for him were giving 100%, but I never felt that Kerry did. Still, I love watching the conventions, so never once did I change the channel.

Anyway, back to the post-speech conversation.

me: I’ll tell you something, that guy is going to be running for president one day.

resident 2: I’d like to see that.

resident 1: There’s no way he’s going to run for President!

me: He could. If Kerry screws this up.

resident 3: How could he do that? Bush is out in November.

me: I hope so, too. But there’s a good chance he’ll win another four years.

resident 1: Aw, HELL no! So you’re saying you want four more years of Bush?! What the fuck is your problem?

me: I never said that I wanted another Bush term, I just said it was a possibility. No, I want that guy gone, too. On the other hand, what else could he possibly fuck up, right?

resident 1: True. There’s not much else he could mess up in this country that he hasn’t already.

resident 3: So you think Obama is going to run for President?

me: After this speech, yeah.

resident 2: Naw. If Kerry loses, Hillary will run in 2008, and there’s no way he’ll EVER beat her in the primaries.

resident 3: And there’s no way they’ll ever let a man with my skin tone in the oval office. Not a chance. He’ll be Hillary’s Vice-President.

me: Hey, if this guy wins his Senate seat, he’ll be running for President within the next twelve years.

resident 1: But what about Kerry?

me: Yeah, that’s right. He’s running. What do you think of him?

Resident 3: He’s not Bush.

me: I hear you.


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  1. Yes, yes and yes.

    Odd how history walks away with itself.

    Comment by Michelle | September 7, 2008 | Reply

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