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National Rock ‘N’ Roll Monument

I was watching “the McLaughlin Group” yesterday and noticed this:

Yeah! Let’s lighten the mood by clumsily discussing Elvis. What is even more horrifying was that Pat Buchanan had a better grasp on the significance of Elvis than anyone on the panel. It is true that rock undermines authority, that’s why kids flock to the genre. But he was also correct in pointing out Elvis’ roll as a cold warrior…or at least a symbol of the cold war.

But what really got my attention was McLaughlin pondering a monument to rock. What would it look like? A Les Paul? A mini, Mount Rockmore depicting the early pioneers of the genre? How about a statue of J. Edgar Hoover yelling at a Fonzie by a jukebox commanding him to turn that shit down? Hey! Maybe a statue to to Jerry lee Lewis’ child bride?

No, I think subtle is the way to go.

I for one believe it should be a sundial…Stay with me on this…The dial would be a 30-foot tall, hollow cylinder pointing at a 45-degree angle connected to a base that would be a large square. This square would 50′ X 50′, flat, almost mirror-like in it’s reflective qualities with thick white lines to mark off the hours. Sure, it would not be able to tell time, but the light it would reflect would turn it into a beacon. A beacon that would represent the light of American popular culture to the rest of the world. A light that still shines (kinda) in spite of it’s self-destructive nature.


August 20, 2007 - Posted by | dc, elvis presley, john mclaughlin, pat buchanan, rock, The McLaughlin Group, TV, Washington

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