The Bad Guy

OK, as long as it’s a small one.

I know, I missed the boat on covering the Democratic debate on Sunday.  All I can say is that I was busy and a little too lazy to go back through that mess.

Anyway, among the many things that disturbed me about last night’s Republican debate on CNN was this:

Sure, we all know that dropping nuclear weapons on other people is wrong, but leave it to Wolf Blitzer to find a way to make the idea palatable to Presidential candidates.

Blitzer:  Would you like to drop a “waffer-thin” tactical nuke on Iran?

candidate: No, I’m stuffed.

Blitzer: But it’s just a “waffer-thin” tactical nuke?

candidate: Alright.

Really, that should be the new Democratic ad for 2008.  Just rip-off that entire Monty Python scene, and have the fat guy blow up like a mushroom cloud.  It would be a decent homage to both Python and the “Daisy” ad (though it would be horrible example of fear mongering).

All down the line, Duncan Hunter, Giuliani, Gilmore and Romney all declared that they would be into dropping a small, tactical nuke on Iranian nuclear sites.  Sure, the rest of us in the country already know that the answer to that question is really “Are you INSANE?!?!”  But none of us are running for President, either.   The only dissenting voice on this issue was (naturally) Ron Paul.

Sure, all the Republican candidates are making a good show of being strong, but none are being smart or even paying lip service to the idea that nuclear strikes, big or small, are a big deal.  Excuse me, it’s a GIGANTIC deal and everyone on that stage (except Paul) seemed all to willing to nuke other countries.  Is this the kind of leadership we want from our next President?  Do we really want to provoke the righteous anger of the entire world by the casual use of nuclear weapons?  I don’t think so.


June 6, 2007 - Posted by | 2008 election, Duncan Hunter, goldwater, Jim Gilmore, LBJ, mitt romney, News and politics, Republican Debate, Ron Paul, rudy giuliani, wolf blitzer

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