The Bad Guy

OK, as long as it’s a small one.

I know, I missed the boat on covering the Democratic debate on Sunday.  All I can say is that I was busy and a little too lazy to go back through that mess.

Anyway, among the many things that disturbed me about last night’s Republican debate on CNN was this:

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Wisdom Wasted On The Young

There are few things more hilariously awkward than a teenage boy discovering his “punk rock-ness” for the first time.

We’re talking about me here.

The year was 1987 and I was a Freshman in high school. It was Columbus Day and I had a ticket to see PiL at the Warner Theater in DC. Since it was a day off from school I was walking around town, making my way to to the nearest Metro station. Despite the fact that I really had no reason to, I was strutting like George Jefferson, in an ugly army jacket, a Jam shirt, my hair in the most unfortunate mohawk/mullet cut ever devised, and I had braces on my teeth. Yeah, I’m not too proud of my fashion decisions during that period of my life.

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Passed out in a booth.

When evenings at the peep show would wind down, those of us who worked there would sometimes feel this urge to start doing our jobs. It was an irrational impulse that we liked to justify by too much drugs, too little drugs, hating the music the cashier was playing, being beaten at Scrabble or Chess too many times, not liking the people we working with, or sheer boredom.

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About That Condoleezza Rice Article

A few days ago I read on article where Condoleezza Rice was reported to have said that Russia “at times seems to think and act in the zero-sum terms of another era.” Now that article has been edited to revise those remarks.

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