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Cannonball Run, Chinese DVD Subtitles

Remember Cannonball Run? Wish you didn’t? A few years ago I watched it again for the first time and found to my horror that it was so very entertaining…But not in the way one might think. It was not in the traditional, ironic, “so bad it’s good” sense. No, I found a way to watch this movie so that it became a comedy classic for the ages:

The Asian bootleg version’s English subtitles.

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Seventh Grade Sex Ed Class

I was in seventh grade in my sex ed class (well, the half-assed excuse for one). Now, when one thinks about sex ed, one thinks about learning the basics of reproduction, not being pressured into sex, blah, blah blah. What one doesn’t think will be covered are those EXTREMELY awkward topics that are difficult to broach even among adults. Sure, I’ll give my sex ed teacher credit for at least trying to answer our questions, but not much.

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I guess it was five years ago. I was working at the peep show and hating my life. The evening was busy, the customers were extra annoying and some guy was trying to bond with me while I manned the front desk. He had no urge to check out the shows, get change or even cruise the hallways. All he wanted was to chill…With me…At the front desk.

This was very trying for me because I had recently resolved to be nicer to customers. This guy proved that I had made no progress in this task.

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Yes, I do realize that Jello did this already…

…But I’m going to share my list of band names I’d like to see used, too. Mind you, unlike Jello’s list, these band names are not public domain. If your band uses one of these I expect some money. I have pages of these things, but I’m only posting a few now. If you like them, I’ll post more.

-Bill Cosby Rules!

-Let’s Go To Scotland


-No, YOU Suck!

-We Do Drugs, Lots Of Them.

-Yes, I Started A Band With My Girlfriend

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Video Of Omon

In case the pics were not enough, here is some video from the Omon media event.  What I really enjoyed on this was the updated testudo formation.  It proves that the classics, truly, never go out of style. Sadly, Ajax and the fluffy cat are nowhere to be seen.

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The fact that Russia is cracking down on dissent should not come as a shock to anyone. Since the entire history of Russia is saturated with war, violent political power-plays and brutal assaults on dissent, I’m only surprised by the times when the Russian government is NOT wearing an iron fist. Don’t get me wrong, I do not approve of Putin clamping down on the freedoms of his people, but I am in no way surprised.

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An Evening Of Videos About Creationism

During the Republican debate last week, three candidates rose their hands to signify that they did not believe in evolution. The three were:

-Gov. Mike Huckabee

-Rep. Tom Tancredo

-Sen. Sam Brownback

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Not like I’m taking credit for this…

…But I did see it coming.  It turns out that that “TOMORROW’S PIONEERS”, the Palestinian children’s show that features Mickey Hamouse telling kids to drink their milk and destroy Israel has been cancelled.  One might think that it had to do with the public outrage, but I would like to think it was the fear of litigation.

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Do you convert VHS to DVD?

First off, I’d like to apologize for taking the day off yesterday. My new job doesn’t give me the free time to blog like my old one did. Not that I’m complaining. I love this new job and could care less about ever dealing with my old employer ever again (unless they screw up my final check and decide to not fork over my 130 hours of vacation time they owe me…Then it’s on).

Anyway, I returned home, watched Hannity & Colmes, and that old euphoric feeling swept over me again. That feeling where I know EXACTLY what my next entry is going to be about. This is advice for anyone wanting to convert home movies on VHS or any video cassette format to a digital medium. That advice is:

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It was April of 1992 and I was 19. Seven months earlier Nirvana had released “Nevermind.” At the time, kids were wearing flannel, folks still took bands like Dinosaur, jr and Ministry seriously, Mark Wahlberg still described his first name as “Marky”, and I was a freshman in college. It was a dark time when music began to suck in new and different ways than it had sucked before. Not to say that I was above any of that, but I did have some bright spots in my music collection, too. One of those bright spots was Fugazi. If they were playing anywhere I could drive to and still get to class on time the next day, I’d go.

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