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Sean Hannity Forgets To Do His Job (with video)

I understand, I really, really do. Sometimes a person just doesn’t want to do their job. After a wonderful weekend spent with family and friends, going back to the daily routine can seem disheartening. After a week in Hawaii and Memorial Day weekend I could tell that Sean just was not into being at work today.

My evidence for this is his lack of energy in attacking the Clintons. The stage was all set, former Clinton adviser and life-long foot enthusiast, Dick Morris was all set to talk about his latest article when something strange happened. Sean Hannity didn’t want to talk about it! It was an easy set-up, too. Dick Morris just posted an article about Bill Clinton stealing money from senior citizens and Sean decided that a better move was to focus on building positive messages in the Republican party. I have to say that I was taken aback by this change in tactics.

For those not in the know, attacking Bill Clinton is a raison d’etre for Mr. Hannity. If he doesn’t do it it’s like a Garfield cartoon where the eponymous cat decides he’s had enough lasagna for one lifetime. Since Hannity’s TV persona is very much a one-dimensional cartoon to me, I expect no less from Sean. Instead of DOING HIS JOB and acting like the buffoon I love to laugh at, he cut Morris off and went on about Republican messages of hope and being positive.

OK, Sean, I need to make a couple of things perfectly clear to you. When you are off the air, hanging out with family and friends, catching some rays on the beach, those are the times that you are permitted to be an open minded, decent human being. You are allowed, nay, encouraged to take issues calmly and have reasoned, principled stances. But when you go back to work and the cameras are on I expect you to dance like a monkey chained to an organ grinder. Your show is my entertainment, not my news and I’m a getting a little tired reminding you what your job is. Between etiquette getting the better of you at the Bunny Ranch and failing to jump all over James Cameron digging up Jesus in a timely manner, I wonder if you aren’t losing your touch. Are you getting bored with being who you are? Are you looking to branch out and show the world that there is a real, live, warm blooded human under that exterior? Well stop it! When I want character development I watch “Battlestar Galactica,” not your show.  Youre show is about knee-jerk reactions and the pot calling the kettle black, it is about partisan whining and petty grudges, it is about Sturm und Drang and diversions, not about appealing to the better angels of our nature.

I truly hope this new stance by Sean is only temporary. I don’t like seeing Sean talking like a hippie, and I feel let down when I’m denied the pleasure of seeing him seethe about Bill & Hillary like they kicked him out of the band. It was disrespectful to me, all the other viewers and to Dick Morris who took time out of his busy schedule of free-lance foot care to tell you all about Bill stealing money from the elderly. And because of you failure to pounce on this topic, Colmes was forced to pick up the slack, and no one likes that.

Since you’re on this “positive thinking,” hippie bull-crap, kick, perhaps you should look inside yourself and get in touch with what Sean really needs. Take some time, meditate on this, and converse with your inner “Sean.” Ask him what he wants, what he feels…He’s dying to tell you. All you have to do is let yourself listen.


May 29, 2007 - Posted by | bill clinton, FOX NEWS, Hannity & Colmes, hillary clinton, sean hannity, TV

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  1. just thought i would pop in…about the lack of entertainment in fox noise channel lately…someone mentioned that they don’t cover the news anymore…or very little…

    then, i remember…i layed down the gauntlet after proving the republicans would lose in 2006… told ruppert i was tired of babysitting them there is enough to do without them making the news then shaping it…so, the agreement is that they can talk about whether the sky is green or blue…

    of course i regret this somewhat…cause it is 95% coverage of paris hilton or lohan then 5% ATTACK IRAN…since i know all the pundits and what they will say…cheney is being very cautious about sending his talking heads out there after losing in 2006…

    that is why bush called ed gilispie back to be white house counsel…sooner or later we might get cheney’s resignation…but the dems say if cheney resigns and someone else is put in there whether that person is going to run in 2008 or not…it might make the bush republicans look good thus dampering the chances the dems win the white house…

    i disagree with that theory…even is someone good was to replace cheney and not even run in 08…the american people have had enough of them…which is bad also…the dems are payed by the other lobbists who want their war not the current war…go figure!!!

    well, keep up the good work…

    Comment by ravin black | June 17, 2007 | Reply

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