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Love is in the air!

I guess it was two years ago. I was at work and three VERY drunk women were waiting for a friend in the lobby. At the time I was listening to “Coast To Coast AM” and playing Advanced Wars DS in an attempt to drown out their conversation. All was going according to plan when one of the women got up and approached me at the desk.

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The Sound Of The World’s Tiniest Violin. (video here)

I know it’s all entertainment. I know most of the scandals are at least partially staged, but there’s a part of me that loves watching reports like this. Through every controversy they have been there, firing back and impugning the patriotism and credibility of all those who dare question the president. Through all the reports that the President may not have the best interests of the American people at heart all the time, they remained unmoved and faithful to Bush. They were cheerleaders, attack dogs, verbal Praetorians, enforcers, and propagandists influenced by wrestling shows.

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Pat Buchanan On Hardball (5/29/07)

I really had no gigantic point to make here, I just thought I’d share the following clip:

As you saw, Pat Buchanan had no problem recalling the name of George Lincoln Rockwell, but failed to remember the the difference between “Osama” and “Obama.”   And in defense of Chris Matthews, he did remind Pat of this fact a minute or two later.

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Sean Hannity Forgets To Do His Job (with video)

I understand, I really, really do. Sometimes a person just doesn’t want to do their job. After a wonderful weekend spent with family and friends, going back to the daily routine can seem disheartening. After a week in Hawaii and Memorial Day weekend I could tell that Sean just was not into being at work today.

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When Classic Punk Bands Hang Out.

I was working the graveyard shift at the peepshow when three guys from a classic punk band stopped in to visit (I regret that I will not divulge WHICH band). They were a nice enough bunch of guys so I got to talking to them.  Turns out that was a bad idea.

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The McLaughlin Group (5/25/07)…And then I go off on a tangent.

I don’t care what you say, I love the McLaughlin group. It’s always a nice wrap-up of the week’s events and I just love hearing old folks yell at one another. Also, between Pat Buchanan prefacing his points by saying “John…” and Eleanor Clift screeching “EXCUSE ME!” to get a word in edgewise, TMG has all the requirements to be the playing field for a great drinking game.

John McLaughlin: Issue ONE! [down a shot] : Farewell Falwell.

McLaughlin asked the group who got the better part of the alliance between the Religious Right and the Republican Party: Falwell or the GOP?

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President Bush At The Coast Guard Academy (5/23/07)

Why do I put myself through such things? I went to the C-SPAN website and clicked the link to view President Bush’s commencement address at the Coast Guard Academy. I looked at the run time and said to myself, “It’s only 33 minutes. I’ll watch this and write a quick entry on it, no problem!” Was I ever wrong. Time slowed as I watched the President give one of his most boring speeches ever. What took 33 minutes to watch seemed like over twice that, but I persevered. Below I offer highlights so none have to waste the time watching the whole thing like I did.

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I stumbled upon this photo today and I asked myself “Have you ever seen Cheney this happy?” He’s with his grandson who will carry on the family name and the look on his face is one of pure, simple, joy and pride.

Upon further thought I wondered “Wait, have I ever seen him happier?”

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More Cannonball Run Subtitles

I had a lot of stills left over from my last post about the Cannonball Run and I decided that they should not go to waste.

-I have already gone over how the translators took the short cut around the “romance” between Burt Reynolds and Farrah Fawcett. Throughout the entire movie this is the closest the translators ever got to conveying anything close to sincerity. In the original scene, Burt tells Farrah all about his love for racing and why he races. He brings up a relative who died right before retirement and how he needs to live for the moment. In the subtitles, Burt is telling Farrah something similar, but totally different:
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Shameless Plug Time

Greetings to all readers-

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-The Bad Guy

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