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Of Zero G and G-Strings

This past week we got to see Stephen Hawking in zero gravity.

With this, Dr. Hawking kinda fulfilled a dream of his. It may not have been a space flight, but he did get to feel weightlessness for the first time. Good for him. But what some people may not know about Stephen Hawking is that he has realized MANY other fantasies.

Over a year ago there was a commotion in San Francisco. Dr. Stephen J Hawking was sighted exiting a strip club in North Beach accompanied by his wife and (who he guessed was Dr. Hawking’s) wheelchair tech. My roommate saw the iconic wheelchair and immediately knew who it was, though he couldn’t believe it at first. He thought to himself “Maybe it’s some other guy with ALS who resembles him.” But when he looked again, he was shocked to find out that it was indeed Stephen Hawking.

When he went to Enrico’s for a drink, a door man for one of the other strip clubs in the area ran in and told everyone “You would not believe who was just at my club!”

My roommate could. “Stephen Hawking?”

“You saw him, too?!”

It turns out that Stephen Hawking LOVES the ladies. And with minor effort anyone can learn some of the juicy secrets of Stephen’s boudoir (here is one and here is another). Of course the stories are fairly disturbing in that they allege physical abuse on top of a freaky sexual acts. It does, however, show that despite his physical limitations, Hawking (when he gets the opportunity) enjoys life a lot more than many people I deal with on a daily basis. And if Stephen Hawking wants to look at naked women, by God, he deserves too. After spending his life contemplating the mysteries of the Universe while confined to a wheelchair, he has earned his right to be freaky when he wants to be. And if he wants justify it by claiming it’s research into the “mysteries of women,” that’s fine by me, too. Godspeed to you, Dr. Hawking!


April 28, 2007 - Posted by | News and politics, porn, sex, space programs, Stephen Hawking

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