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My Very Last Imus Post, I Promise.

For the last couple of days I have written posts about Don Imus, a man who I really never cared about before this week. But write about him, I did, and I will not take any of it back. But I do want to inject some personal thoughts on the matter. I want to do this because despite all the stupid things he said, I can’t help but feel bad for the guy.

Who among us has not said something REAL stupid that was not easily forgiven? Granted, not all of us has said those things on a radio show broadcast from coast-to-coast, but we’ve all been that guy. And no, most of us are not professional broadcasters who should know where the line is after decades of honing our craft, but I understand. And I’ll be honest right now, I’ve been the guy who got fired for verbal gaffes. It’s no fun.

Almost four years ago I was drunk at work (relax, it was a peepshow, everyone on staff drank on the job) and told a reporter “All the customers are morons.” What I said pissed off all my coworkers and I got fired a week later. Not my finest moment (though I have had worse). My mistake may have not have achieved national infamy, but it was a mistake that I made and I paid a price for. And at my present job, I’ve gambled with my employment by confronting managers more times than I can count. Only my spotless record and sheer luck saved me those times. My mouth gets me into more trouble than I’m comfortable with, so I should be the last person to be making fun of Imus. So from that perspective I feel bad for the guy.

Of course I don’t feel VERY bad for him. Imus is rich and can retire in comfort if he so chooses. His mistake was a result of him being insulated by his job for so long that he felt he could do no wrong. Then when things did go wrong, and when given the chance to be contrite, he doubled back and became defiant. When he did that, he sealed his fate.

So I guess that what I’ll take away from this whole mess is a reason to work on my own big mouth. In my life it has cost me jobs, friends and more. So this mess should serve as a reason to strive to harness it’s power for good, rather than let it lead me to my own downfall…Because I know there’s no way in HELL I can shut up.


April 12, 2007 - Posted by | alienation, bad jobs, don imus, MSNBC, san francisco, Work


  1. Yes, work on being a strong Jedi — don let the dark-side seduce you. It’s harder to be a Jedi, and you don’t get the cool fetish outfits, but you know it’s better! 😉

    Comment by geltsgirl | April 13, 2007 | Reply

  2. The point about Imus, to me, is that he traded on his controversial behavior. Which means his “brand” was based largely on his percieved skill for being controversial while not “crossing the line”. So when he did cross the line he deserved to be fired, not because he screwed up, but because he had made millions out of allegedly knowing where the line was, and suddenly it became obvious that he didn’t really know any such thing.

    So Imus is in no way in the same boat as people who make accidental verbal gaffes, precisely because he’s sold himself to CBS as the guy who can make deliberate controversial remarks.

    Comment by Gelt Guy | April 13, 2007 | Reply

  3. I agree with you, Gelt Guy, but I’m still always one verbal gaffe away from unemployment. Two weeks ago I clowned my boss at a meeting by poking holes in the new late night plan. I stopped before he got too pissed off, but I did not make any friends that day.
    And to Gelt’s Girl, I’d love to be a Jedi, just so long as I don’t have to be Padawan learner to the Jedi Librarian. Of all the “C” characters in the prequels, I felt sorry for that kid the most. Just imagine it for a moment. While all your peers are learning how to fuck shit up with a lightsaber and force-pushing with the palms of their hands, you’re putting books away and dealing with a lady who doesn’t know that someone vandalized the galactic maps (something that a classroom full of younglings figured out in under three minutes). Oh, I’m sure that Yoda fucked with the kid’s head a little bit; feeding him that line about “Wars not make one great,” but that would not really shut up a restless pre-teen. I bet he got teased and force-tripped by all his more swashbuckling classmates. If anyone was a prime candidate for Sith-hood, it was the Padawan to the Jedi Librarian.

    Comment by thebadguy | April 13, 2007 | Reply

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