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Don Imus Fired

Yesterday I mentioned that Don Imus might still get fired. Looks like I was correct on that assumption. The way his NBC colleages talked about him I knew something was going to give. Hardball spent the entire hour on it, Scarborough Country spent most of the hour on it, Countdown…Didn’t talk about it until more than halfway through the show (Keith, thank you for covering other stories last night). But the message was loud and clear: MSNBC wanted to give Imus the biggest verbal beat-down on cable news. Bigger than FOX News, bigger than CNN or anybody. Hell, even Al Roker was publicly pissed. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get Al Roker mad? And I don’t mean lashing out at studio crew or interns. I’m talking “angry, but thoughtful missive” pissed? Well we do now. And who came to Don’s defense? Well Pat Buchanan did. And when one of the few people defending you is Pat Buchanan, and all your sponsors bail out, you have problems that no apology will fix.

And despite that I saw MSNBC doing all the prep work to distance themselves from Imus, the real decision was made by the sponsors. GM, Proctor & Gamble, Staples, Bigelow Tea and many others pulled out and that made it a purely business decision for the network.


April 11, 2007 - Posted by | al roker, don imus, MSNBC, racism

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