The Bad Guy

Making Murphy’s Law Work For You.

Happy Easter to all.  Enjoy the following short story.

So I was taking the cable car to work the other day when the car I was in stopped. The cable was still moving, but we were not. I looked up the street and noticed three other cable cars, all stopped. We waited for a few minutes…then 10 more minutes. After I realized how ridiculous it was to keep on waiting I decided to take some initiative. I got out of my seat and exited the car.

On my way out I said to the ticket man “I’m going to walk up the street. By the time I get to the next corner this thing will be moving again and I’ll get back on.” He nodded and I went on my way. I thought that at the very least I wouldn’t have to sit around a bunch of tourists complaining about not moving, and I’d get to work on time (because as much as I hate my job, I hate showing up late more).

By the time I had gotten to that corner, all the cars were moving and I boarded the cable car again. The ticket man, waved to me to get back on. After sharing our previous exchange with the rest of the passengers he asked me “How did you know to time it like that.”

I told him “It wasn’t timing, I just know my own luck.”


April 8, 2007 - Posted by | cable cars, murphy's law, public transportation, san francisco, superstition

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  1. This is an awesome story … you should look for web-places to submit it! Also, if anyone asks for a sample of your blog, I think this one succinctly provides the best example!

    Go you!

    Comment by geltsgirl | April 9, 2007 | Reply

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