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This Week On O’Reilly (yes…with video)

Bill O’Reilly is not the most likable guy on television, but that’s not why I watch him. Much like Wally George or Morton Downey, jr. (Who Bill had the balls to liken Rosie O’Donnell to this week), Bill O’Reilly makes his money being the champion of ignorant blowhards across the country. And like all those who came before him, he does it well; though unlike George or Downey, O’Reilly is taken much more seriously.

Bill v. Snoop

Bill rolls video of Snoop bad-mouthing him and threatening to beat him up. He then proceeds to call Snoop “Snoopy” and invites him on the show. He also hints that there is drug testing for guests, so Snoop should watch out.

Bill v. Rosie

When Bill and Rosie go at it, no one wins. No issues are settled, and fair debates can not exist. He calls her a “hater,” questions her patriotism and declares that she is insulting families of those killed on 9/11. Then Bill inevitably brings in “liberal bias” to explain lack of coverage of Rosie’s 9/11 rant and (foreshadowing here) two teenagers killed in Virginia by an illegal alien drunk driver. The thing that I find the most amusing about this clip is how much strength Bill is trying to exude while at the same time acting like a whiny victim of the “liberal media.” Having said that, I found the whole thing exquisite television.

Bill v. Geraldo

I have one word for this: STAGED. This was the last show of the week for Bill, so why not go out with a bang? You know they went out for a drink after this.

Bill welcomes war between Arabs and Persians

I mentioned this in an earlier post.


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