The Bad Guy

Michael Chertoff Is On To You

Do you feel alienated? Do you have a clean criminal record? If you answered yes to those two questions you may be a potential terrorist. Well, that’s what Micahel Chertoff thinks.

What he was talking about were “clean skins.” These “clean skins” are UK citizens who have no criminal record but, according to him, through their feelings of alienation are likely to commit terrorist acts. This is known in many circles as “Taxi Driver Syndrome.” Said person is a loner who can not seem to relate to the world around him or her. They have trouble socializing and find themselves pining over hot election campaign workers and working out so they can save teenage prostitutes and kill Harvey Keitel. Also, they love porn and consider watching such films with a special someone a great date idea.

But seriously, this “clean skin” development should be scaring the feces out of every American. It shows that they are considering EVERYONE to be a suspect. And when you consider EVERYBODY to be a suspect that means one thing: paranoia. Sure, there are potential terrorists out there, but when you start profiling every person with sub-par social skills you start making a pretty big list. With that list you end up smearing a lot of good people who, when you get right down to it, want to be left alone. It criminalizes awkwardness, and independence and thinking for ones self.

“But those are UK citizens, us Americans have nothing to worry about.” WRONG!!! If DHS is profiling misfits over there, they’re doing it over here, too. In fact, they’ve been doing it for years. Since the Unabomber, since Columbine, since Oklahoma City and WAAAAY before that. But now that DHS has branded the term “clean skin,” they mean business. They now have a viable label they can slap on any misfit, law-abiding citizen they want to scrutinize. It transcends race, religion, age, sex or class. A “clean skin” is you, if Michael Chertoff says you are.


April 6, 2007 - Posted by | clean skins, Homeland Security, michael chertoff, News and politics, sky news


  1. Mullah Cimoc say him ameriki so hypocrite.

    him so wicked and cruel for watch zionist media control tv show and get so stupid every day.

    him say him christian but never read him bible.

    him christ him teach forgiving. so many usa ameriki people say i am christian but not christian-just fake it for lie and love money and the torture. also the new refrigerator and 7-11 cheese nachos.

    for this all ameriki society destroy and the ameriki child girl she taking shot for destroy the reproduction organs. and usa government this forcing.

    Comment by Mullah Cimoc | April 7, 2007 | Reply

  2. we should lock up Mullah Cimoc for the must unconvincing impersonation of a Muslim… ever

    Comment by bob | June 30, 2007 | Reply

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