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What could go wrong?

A few months ago I mentioned a truly horrible idea that upper management had thrust upon the property I work at. Well, that plan is about to be implemented and the residents are pissed! And the sad thing is that aside from offering my opinions to my bosses, there’s not much more I can do except wait for this whole plan to fail. It’s not like I want it to fail, I just feel that the “Pollyanna” or “Candide” like attitude that went along with this plan blinded my bosses to it’s true dangers.

Just to recap, the plan was this. The property I work at will soon do away with graveyard desk clerks five nights of the week. On those five days where no desk clerks are present, the property will be monitored across the street at another property by remote video and audio feeds. And before you say “It could work,” please know that this property is in a high crime area of San Francisco. Also know that we tested the system out at an all staff meeting last week with disastrous results. The cameras worked, but the remote buzzer and intercom did not. The manager who walked us through the procedures glossed over these problems and moved on to other subjects. But after nothing worked, us clerks were just looking at each other shaking our heads.

But I’ve already written about how much I think this is a bad idea. Why read me drone on about that subject again when I can tell you about all the pissed off conversations I’ve had with residents on the subject?

This exchange took place between a couple of residents and myself two weeks ago:

Resident 1: [reading the letter sent out by management] IS THIS A JOKE?!?!

me: Is what a joke?

Resident 1: No desk clerks after midnight? Are they fucking crazy?

me: No, they are not kidding about that.

Resident 1: Uh-uh! Do they want this place to burn down? Do they want crackheads running around this building all night, breaking into apartments? What do you think about this?

me: Between you and me, it’s a horrible idea. That’s all I’ll say.

Resident 1: Then why are they doing this?

me: Cost cutting. This building is bleeding cash so they’re cutting shifts.

Resident 2: Did you get this letter?

Resident 1: We were just talking about that.

Resident 2: This place will burn to the ground!!!

Resident 1: I just said that, too.

Resident 2: [to me] Why are they doing this?

me: [shaking my head] Th…

Resident 1: They don’t give a fuck! That’s why they’re doing this! They want us to get killed and robbed by all the knuckleheads that run around outside.

Anyway, you get the picture.  I’ve had multiple exchanges with multiple residents that were very similar to the one above.  Each time I get a little more angry at the situation because there is nothing I can do to stop them.  But the residents can and are doing something. Lately, a group has been organizing protests and trying to get some media coverage (with some success, by the way). Hell, more power to them, I hope they do stop the plan BEFORE someone gets hurt.


April 5, 2007 - Posted by | bad jobs, crack, san francisco, Work

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