The Bad Guy

Jim Webb (now packin’ video)

A few months ago, Jim Webb had a little run-in with the president. I got that, I understood his anger. Though I wouldn’t have gone so far as to make the mistake of saying outloud that I wanted to slug the President, he was right to tell him “That’s between me and my boy.” Here’s why he was right about that. The President, as Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces, would most likely hear any news about Webb’s son before Webb did. So the President asking Webb “How’s your boy?” most likely sounded (to Webb) more like “Your boy belongs to me, play ball and he’ll be alright.”

Ok, Now you’re saying “Bad Guy, you’re an idiot!” You might not be far off, but that does not mean I’m wrong. The President makes a point of (at least telling the world) that he always keeps track of the war casualties and signs all the letters to the families of the deceased troops. It stands to reason that the President would know about Webb’s son before Webb did. So to me, Webb was totally in the right for being angry, and the President should have had a bit more tact than to ask…Unless his aim was to provoke Webb, in which case, good job.

But now we have Webb’s aide being busted for taking a hand-gun into the Russell Senate Office Building. That was just stupid. I’m not even going to try to defend that. I mean, I’ve taken some interesting contraband to jobs in the past (though not my present job, I’m a god-damned Boy Scout there). So I know the danger and the thrill of doing something naughty at work. I also know that when you get busted for contraband at your job, you cop to it, hang your head for a bit and move on. Don’t justify your gun by claiming sub-par legislative branch security, just say you’re sorry and move on. Besides, don’t talk about inadequate security at your job when it was security at your job that found your gun.

Believe me, I’m not even supposing to tell Senator Webb how to go about his business. But I will not even try to explain away this dumb mess. For Christ’s sake, it was Webb’s gun and his aide was holding on to it. It wasn’t a gigantic, career-ending mistake, but it was an extremely stupid, easily avoidable one.


March 27, 2007 - Posted by | guns, jim webb, News and politics

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