The Bad Guy


OK, not really. I just wanted to share this ad. Imagine, if you would, that you were on a boat with Ed Meese, Newt Gingrich and Oliver North…For ten days. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Granted, this cruise isn’t for folks like me, it’s for ultra-conservatives who want to be around like-minded people while they travel to places where U.S. citizens are HATED.

It’s bad enough that Americans can’t leave the country without getting an earful from folks puzzled and angry at American foreign policy. But to load up a boat filled to the brim with Americans who are all 100% convinced that the US is 100% correct 100% of the time? Have them in seminars and political discussions for ten days? And send them around the Mediterranean? That just seems like asking for trouble.

Of course I’d feel the same way about any political package vacation. Honestly, you go on a cruise to ESCAPE your worries, not stew in them. Sure, it’s easier on the ol’ ticker to not have to deal with dissenting opinions, but political conversations and cruise ships never go well together (Remember the Achille Lauro? Sorry, bad example. But I’ve been listening to that damn opera about it for so long I kinda had to bring it up.).

But there might be an upside. Republicans DO know how to party, and I guarantee that between the seminars on living an upstanding, conservative life, there will be drugs, booze, gambling and hookers EVERYWHERE! And there will be at least one criminal (well, not really, North’s convictions were overturned with help from the ACLU) and one serial adulterer, so the chances of things getting wild are quite high. So maybe I’m jealous. Maybe I know that these guys are going to let there freak flag fly (which just so happens to be the U.S. flag) and it’s going to be great. Yeah I guess I am jealous.


March 11, 2007 - Posted by | Freedom Cruise, newt gingrich, oliver north, vacations

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