The Bad Guy

What’s In A Name?

A guy approached me at the front desk and asked me to call up a friend of his. I asked him “And what is your name, sir?”

“Tell her ‘Radio Boy’ is here.”

As the phone rang I looked at this graying fifty year-old and told him “Sir, I do not feel comfortable referring to you as ‘Radio Boy.’ You’re way too old for ANYONE to be calling you ‘boy.’ Would you be OK with me calling you ‘Radio Man’?”

“Hmm. ‘Radio MAN.’ I like the sound of that. Yeah, tell her ‘Radio MAN‘ is here to see her!”

“Sure thing, sir…[*ring*ring*]…Phone’s still ringing…[*ring*ring*]…Darn! I got the answering machine. Want me to leave a message?”


“Hello, this is the front desk. A gentleman by the name of ‘Radio Man’ (formerly known to you as ‘Radio Boy’) was here to see you at 5:00 pm.”

“Thank you very much, sir. Can I stop by later and see if she’s home?”

“By all means, Mr. Radio Man.”

“Thank you, man, you’re a wonderful person.”

“Take it easy. See you soon.”

Radio man turned around and headed to the door with his head held high proclaiming to the world:

“That’s right! I’m Radio Man!!! Call ME Radio MA-!!!

As soon as he opened the gate someone ran up and punched Radio Man in the side of the head. Radio Man hit the ground like a bag of rocks.

I immediately ran outside to see if Radio Man was OK. I helped him up and he was unfazed. He turned and told me “Radio Man can take ANY punch and keep walking.”

With that, Radio Man dusted off his cap and walked into the general direction of the sunset.


March 7, 2007 - Posted by | bad jobs, optimism, san francisco, Work

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