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Honest, I’ll write about something else tomorrow…Really.

I’m actually tired of talking about Sean Hannity, but I felt last night’s piece needed a follow-up. So the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright appeared tonight (3/1/07) on H&C to refute the claims made by Erik Rush on the previous show. This evening, Hannity did not hold back and vigorously pushed his theory that the TUCC is Black Separatist church and also a borderline cult.

It is unfortunate that Dr. Wright was not prepared for an argument with Sean. Just a piece of advice for those who about to appear on H&C, forget all you know about reasoned debate. What you need to know is that this is a verbal street brawl. And even though he uses the same, predictable moves to attack every guest, he wins. He wins because his challengers are putting faith in their own intellect and logic and forgetting that the game is rigged. He (Hannity) is unafraid to make himself look like a villain if it means he wins. If you want to win against Hannity, the trick is to meet him on your terms, at a venue of your choosing (case in point: the Bunny Ranch), and you need to shout him down right away. Once he gets talking, he will not stop. I’ll give credit to the Rev. Dr. Wright. He did better than most guests do when standing toe-to-toe with Sean, but it was not enough. Sean treated the Reverend like he was a criminal (which shows that he’s not polite to all men of the cloth) and never let up.

I understand what Sean is doing. He’s tearing down Obama by attacking those who surround him. And if you’re going to tear down a candidate in this day and age, a great route is by calling their Faith in to question. So by attacking the Reverend at Obama’s church, he’s claiming that Faith to be a sham. Will this work? I hope not. Why? Because I actually want Obama to succeed. But having said that, I also hope he finds a way to battle attack dogs like Hannity. Because this is only a glimpse of what is to come.


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  2. Dr. Wright was more than prepared. Sean Hannity was unprepared because he knows nothing about the black experience or diaspora. He was ranting(very ignorantly), and harping on things that he knows ABSOLUTELY nothing about. The work that Dr. Wrights does is outstanding. He has his finger on the pulse of the black community. He does not preach a inferior or superior doctrine. He preaches what is relevant to the black community. That is no different from what white preachers have preached and continue to preach under the conservative banner. Do you question the doctrine of Jerry Falwell? Do you question the stance of other white demoninations? No, because they agree with your code of ethics which is to undermine Sen. Obama’s campaign with underhanded, dirty, and covert schemes and plans. Guess what? It won’t work, because on Dr. Wright’s worse day, he is more intelligent than you on your best.

    Comment by Teresa Tucker | March 6, 2007 | Reply

  3. Mrs. Tucker, my point about Rev. Dr. Wright was that he was unprepared to confront Hannity in a rigged debate, not that he was mentally deficient.

    Comment by thebadguy | March 6, 2007 | Reply

  4. To Theresa Tucker, As a church attending white Christian male I assure you that MANY whites do not simply endorse a Jerry Fawell or Pat Robertson because they are ‘white’.
    There is not a separate Christianity for whites from blacks or vise versa. It is a horrible tragedy and SIN that white churchs did not FULLY accept and include blacks in EVERYTHING for the first 150 yrs in this nation.
    My views as a white man on SOME white preachers > Robertson is just FOOLISH at times in what he says and Fawell needs to chill out at times. Paula White, Benny Hinn, are simply financial HUCKSTERS, frauds !
    Some of the above I respect, except for the last two. I DEFINITELY respect > JEREMIAH WRIGHT.
    I also disagree with SOME of Dr Wrights beliefs but LIKE the man.
    I attended Jeremiah Wrights church for an evening class for 6 months in 1999. My teacher was the excellent Deacon Stella. The people were EXCELLENT, the bldg is beautiful, and Dr Wright is full of passion for what he believes. I LIKE Dr Wright though disagreeing with much of his political outlook.
    I agree almost down the line WITH Sean Hanity politically EXCEPT when he disrespects people unnecessarily.
    I was very disapointed in the disrespect Hanity exihibited in his shout down of Dr Wright.
    Dr Wright passionately wants black people to succeed, and to be respected in this society AND to believe as Christians. Dr Wright desires to teach black people about great things within the black race that mainstream history has ignored. NOTHING wrong with that !
    Dr Wright is a reader of MANY books, history, culture, – – Dr Wright speaks several foriegn languages, english of course, Italian, Spanish, Swahili and perhaps 2 or 3 others, he is a tremendous muscian, singer, orator, – – – – he is retiring in a year and though I disagree with his heated attacks against our President and certain views, I love Jeremiah Wright, and Jerry Fawell too, – – – Fawell founded and EXCELLENT college > Liberty University, Wright leads a great congregation of some of the friendliest people I know, – – –
    I like Hanity a lot but as stated, I am very disappointed that he couldn’t have just chilled out and had calm cool discussion with Dr Jeremiah Wright.
    Then again, in America, if your in the media business, being respectful doesn’t sell, but being loud, abrasive and conflict oriented does SELL.
    Hanities ‘talk’ with Dr Wright was in what is called a “shoot-out” on the Hanity show. Hanity intends to place the other in a situation of being an opponent during the “shoot-out” portion.
    They could have had an intelligent educational conversation for EVERYONES benefit and agreed to disagree.

    Comment by David Gantz | March 9, 2007 | Reply

  5. On Teresa Tuckers last point > that Jeremiah Wright is more intelligent on his worst day than the other on his best – –
    I have seen and heard Jeremiah Wright, the man is absolutely brilliant in intellect, gift and talents.
    His views politically / spiritually – – I disagree with SOME of them, but disagreement in America doesn’t mean we have to have war with one another.
    The civil war 150 yrs ago was NECESSARY, hopefully we’ll never need another – – –
    And don’t any white come on here and diss me for NOT being proud of MY ancestry, I am proud of my specific people and ancestors. Dr Wright teaches his people who happen to be black to be likewise proud of who they came from.
    I like the culture in religion handed down to me by my white ancestors, old hymns from centuries ago, certain food groups such as an Irish cooked potato/steak’n carrot stew, homemade Italian wine with raw clams ! the music of beethoven {whose name I cannot spell LoL }, Christopher Columbus the explorer, { NOT a conqueror or abusers of indigenous people as some accuse } – – —
    And the SCHOLAR Jeremiah Wright has researched things in African history pertaining to black people that they like, and are proud of.
    It’s ok people, it really is.

    Comment by David Gantz | March 9, 2007 | Reply

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  8. I’ve spent the batter part of today blogging and replying to things I’ve heard about Jeremiah Wright Jr. I just need to say this. If you have attended Trinity, you will know that they are not “ditto-heads.” You will find people there who disagree with the pastor and that is fine. Pastor will tell you about Jesus passionately without ramming him down your throat. And I have NEVER heard him tell anybody they were going to hell for not believing in Jesus much less anything else. What cult or cult leader have you seen function that way? It would be a travisty for Trinity to change the way it is becasue of this contraversy

    The Black Value system. I’m sorry but you cannot just read the word black and say it’s divisive. There is just waaaay to much behind that to discuss in this forum, but I can say there are some things you have to “know” about black people to appreciate that. I don’t know Teresa Tucker personally, but I’m willing to bet that she can tell you why you would NEED to teach a black child to support a black business.

    Engage me on the topic and I’ll spill the beans and spell it out for you. (Don’t worry I won’t devulge too many of our “secrets.” 🙂

    Comment by Henry Harmon | March 28, 2007 | Reply

  9. Dear readers and author of the this page. I do apologyze for allowing my zeal to get my message across, to override my responsibility to proof read the text prior to submission. As I meant to say, I have been blogging for the “better” part of the day. It would be a “travesty” for Trinity to change its value system “because” of this “controversy.”

    So engage me on the topic and I promise not to “spell” anything out, but I will discuss in detail if you are interested. And for those of that are really paying attention, here is the close parethesis I omitted earlier.)

    Comment by Henry Harmon | March 28, 2007 | Reply

  10. Fox news and the far right will bang the drum on this one for a long to try to paint Obama into a corner. But if you look at what this churuch espouses it would and should make conservatives and all americans proud. With all studies decrying the decline in the black community and the black family why is Hannity trying to tear this man down?

    Comment by larry | February 25, 2008 | Reply

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