The Bad Guy

Yes, I am repeating myself.

Hurray! Sean Hannity finally gave me my wish. Not only did he cover the Jesus tomb story, he linked it to Barck Obama! Oh wait, no he didn’t. That was just him mashing two thoughts together. The story on Barack Obama’s church is totally separate to the Jesus story. Still, I commend Sean for that trick. Very sneaky, Sean.

Here is the Obama story in a nutshell. Erik Rush (a columnist who wrote a book about why we should annex Mexico) claims that Barack Obama attends a church that supposedly espouses a unique value system. Does he attend that church? Beats me (I think he is a member of the United Church of Christ), but I will go out on a limb and say that Mr. Rush’s claim that TUCC is a cult is hogwash. Yeah, that’s right, I used a grandpa word. As for my opinions on the TUCC value system? I do not know enough to make those kinds of judgements, but I’m not seeing anything to be worried about. This was nothing more than a sloppy attempt to attack Obama that even Colmes could make quick work of it.  So let it be known, even Alan throws a few good punches every now and then (even if the guy was an easy target).

But I am wondering about why we would want to annex Mexico. According to Rush, it would end the immigration problem by making all Mexicans US citizens, but don’t we already have something similar already in the works? And with that deal not only do we get Canada as well as Mexico, we also get to lose all our sovereignty! Hurray!!!

But I digress. I was happy that H&C finally got around to discussing James Cameron’s finding Jesus, but let down that Sean held back. He admitted that he’s an angry man who seeks revenge (he also admitted that he’s a sinner), but he didn’t go in for the kill. Sean, I gave you your road map for how to go about this story, why did not you not listen to me? You make your money by being an attack dog, but you let your public down…Again. And where do you focus your anger at the end of the story? You ask the Catholic priest next to you to exorcise the demons from Colmes. Colmes is not the problem on this issue, . Why can’t you do your job and attack James Cameron? This is the SECOND time I’ve had to tell you this, Sean!

Screw this, I’m watching C-SPAN.


February 28, 2007 - Posted by | Barack Obama, blasphemy, christianity, death, Erik Rush, etiquette, FOX NEWS, grave robbing, Hannity & Colmes, james cameron, jesus christ, News and politics, religion, sean hannity

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