The Bad Guy


Dear Sean Hannity & Bill O’Reilly,

Great shows tonight. I do not agree with either of you on just about anything, but you do entertain, and that’s why I watch. I am, however, very disappointed in you both.

James Cameron went out of his way to dig up Jesus Christ’s dead body and NEITHER of you ingrates mention it even once on your shows. What do you need? An engraved invitation? Because if you need one, I’m sure Mr. Cameron can oblige. Hell, I bet he could even send you one of those cool 3D “motion posters” with the invitation on it. This is your ultimate “Culture War” story: A big-shot Hollywood guy just (claimed to have) dug up the body of the Messiah.

You going to just let this go? He’s from Hollywood and he’s calling your faith into question. In street terms, he just called you bitches. What? You’re taking the high road this time? This is no time to go soft. If you can mix it up with Malik Shabazz, yell about Al Gore, Anna Nicole or rail against the ACLU, you have time to defend Christ’s honor. Put your money where your mouths are guys, and defend your faith for all Americans like you always cliam to be doing.

What do I think about the issue? That’s not important. What is important is that I tuned in to hear both of you do your anti-Hollywood shtick and was let down. Sean, this is worse than you wussing out at the Bunny Ranch, and Bill, I expect more from you. Do either of you have any idea how long it took Mr. Cameron to find that body? Do you have any idea how much he spent to find it? Well, I don’t know either, but I bet it was a lot.

Need I remind you that you should do every show as if it were your last? What if the world ends tomorrow? Do you really want to face Jesus in Heaven and tell him “We just didn’t have enough time to talk about James Cameron finding your bones”? No…No, you wouldn’t. And need I remind you of what your roles are? Here’s a pop-quiz:

A guy (or gal) from HOLLYWOOD does something that offends the faith of millions of Americans. You-

a) Let it slide.

b) Cover it after you’ve had the chance to reflect properly on what your response should be.


c) Kick some ass and link Cameron to terrorists who want to destroy the USA.

Did you pick “c”? Because that is the YOUR correct answer! THAT IS ALWAYS YOUR CORRECT ANSWER!!! Choice”c” is your job!!! If you picked “a” or “b” you are dropping the ball to go play with Bin-Laden. Do you want to go play with Bin-Laden? Well if you don’t, WHY ARE YOU MAKING JESUS CRY?!?!

You know what? I’m done talking about this. You two march up to your rooms, and don’t even THINK about coming back down until your ready to do your jobs correctly. And don’t forget to send that nice Mr. Cameron a “thank you” note for being so generous.

Your pal,

The Bad Guy


February 26, 2007 - Posted by | bill o'reilly, blasphemy, FOX NEWS, Hannity & Colmes, james cameron, jesus christ, religion

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