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It’s Out There!

FOX News is working hard to get those young people to watch their network. There was Red Eye, 1/2 Hour News Hour and now: It’s Out There. This show, hosted by Michelle Malkin and Kirsten Powers works hard to cover the “blogosphere” in a way that owes a great deal to Entertainment Tonight.

What do I think of the show? Being objective, it wasn’t that bad. Of course I had to put my dislike for Michelle Malkin aside before I turned on the set, but that’s another story. The good news is that they had way too much material to fit into thirty minutes. The comedy was terribly corny, but that’s to be expected when you go the ET route. The slant of the show was obvious, but that’s also to be expected.

I was a tad disappointed that Malkin was not her usual self. I’m going to blame that on the time constraints and not an effort to be appeal to a larger audience. I could see a few times when she mentioned the Left that she had a tirade all ready to go. But they had to cut to another story or a commercial.

Now to the other hosts. Kirsten Powers is the second smile next to Malkin who does an admirable job making the fluff of the show a little more fluffy. And to “mix it up a little,” the duo of Malkin and Powers will cut to Griff Jenkins. Griff Jenkins comes off like a cross between Steve Doocy and Jack “Star Hustler” Horkheimer. He adds quirk to the corniness that is off-putting at first, but doesn’t offend me either.

The content? It was just OK. The show is supposed to focus on blogs, and they do. The problem is that it’s very erratic. Much like Red Eye, IOT has potential, and will need to work out these problems over time. My final judgement? I really did not like it all, but I give them props for trying something new.

That’s the real issue here. FOX News is taking chances again, and that should be a wake up call to every other news channel. Sure, IOT & RE had shaky debuts, but these shows are at least TRYING to break new ground. Where are the blogger shows on MSNBC or CNN? They do not exist. And don’t come back at me and tell “But those FOX NEWS shows are all crap!” Yeah, they suck NOW (and RE sucked a lot less this past week) , but maybe not a year from now. I do not suggest that the other news channels adopt the formats of It’s Out There or Red Eye, but I do suggest they get off their collective asses and scope out some of the online talent and find a way harness it for good.


February 25, 2007 - Posted by | 1/2 hour news hour, FOX NEWS, it's out there, News and politics, red eye, TV


  1. […] one of the hosts and it is called “Its Out There.” I agree, just not sure where it is. The Bad Guy says it owes a lot to Entertainment Tonight. I would agree. He also wonders where the blogger shows […]

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  2. I am Seventy years young and just had to leave a comment about the 1/2 Hour News Hour. I laughed through the whole thing last night. Such good writers! Keep them. So much fun to laugh before going to bed.Kurt and Susan are just great!!! Loved the Obama thing!! Laughed till I cried. I hope you continue this. Sincerely, Elsie Miller

    Comment by Elsie Miller | March 12, 2007 | Reply

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