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Hannity v. Free Market Economics

In last week’s “Sean Hannity’s America” on FOX News, Sean came face-to-face with a paradox. Hannity is a great proponent of free market economics. This is not a slam, it’s a fact that he is as proud of as his faith, and Conservative values. He’s even extended the philosophy to his own profession, coining the term “Free Market News” (forgive me, I can’t recall exactly when he said this) .

Anyway, Sean journeyed to the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada to attempt to, in his words, “Hannitize” the women working there. Oh dear.


-Sean is taken to a “negotiation room” with two attractive, scantily clad ladies and asks them about their values and if they would rather do something else for a living.

– Sean asks patrons who were stupid enough to talk with him on camera if they would be OK with their sisters working at the ranch. The answers were all something like “Uh…I-uh…I would support her decision…uh…uh…I don’t know.” Wow, Sean. Nice job making these guys even more nervous about paying for sex by placing their sisters front and center in their brains. I wonder if he ever asked any of the patrons about their wives or moms working there. And I wonder how many patrons wanted to take a swing at Sean. This settles it. Sean Hannity is the Flacidater.

-One of the ladies tells Sean that she doesn’t believe in God. Sean is taken aback but does not attack her like he attacks other atheists.

-Sean talks to Dennis Hof about values and gets NOWHERE. Really, Sean? I expect more form the man at this point. He’ll go toe-to-toe with everyone else, but out of his studio he buckles like a belt. Forgive me. He doesn’t buckle, but he is polite…and that’s almost the same thing for him.

-Dennis Hof actually brings up Sean’s daughter telling him “I would think that you’d want your daughter NOT to work.” He asks him he wants his daughter toiling away at regular job, or living a life of leisure and “social functions.” On any other night Sean would be all over this man with his wrath and contempt for even bringing up his daughter. But Sean lets it go.

The truth is that Sean is staring at an industry that puts the “free” back in “free market” (OK, OK, I know that joke didn’t work. Let me try this again. It puts the “reem” back in “free market.” Yes the spelling is wrong but that’s all I’ve got). Prostitution is legal in Nevada, and and it’s always a seller’s market. Why would Sean Hannity have a problem with that? He has no problem when other industries have the upper hand on consumers. He sticks up for the oil companies and for Wal-Mart without questioning their ethics or morality, but with the Bunny Ranch he has a problem.

I would love to see Sean interview Wal-Mart employees the way he conducts them with the ladies at the  Bunny Ranch.   Could you imagine him asking a blue-smocked employee, asking him or her “Why don’t you get an education and be a lawyer or something better than this?”  I can.

I’m guessing that he went this route because the only way he could hold his head up as a “Master Of Morality” was to act like one at the ranch. That way, the viewers that tuned in to see scantily clad women get what they want and the “values viewers” get to keep their image of Hannity being a squeaky clean, Christian, family man. Also I’m sure Dennis Hof has a fairly strict set of rules for interviews that Sean must respect. Either way, Sean entertains…Even if he did come off as impotent as he made the customers he messed with.


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  1. […] a little tired reminding you what your job is.  Between etiquette getting the better of you at the Bunny Ranch and failing to jump all over James Cameron digging up Jesus in a timely manner, I wonder if you […]

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  2. Dennis Hof (moonlight bunny ranch)
    Shelly Hof Moeller
    Grand children
    Teresa Hof Knowlton
    Grand children
    Shelly has a restraining order against Dennis Hof for stalking.
    Dennis Hof names his top prostitutes Shelly after is daughter
    Dennis Hof named a room at the ranch Miss Tia after his grand daughter
    Dennis Hof is under investigation for putting money and buying homes in Shelly’s name starting at a very young age. Taxes were never paid
    An entry from The Tyra Banks Show website:
    id any of you know that Dennis Hof owner of the Bunny Ranch is under investigation for harboring a wanted sex offender for two years? He was harboring Philip Yoder who is wanted out of oregon for felony rape. He is also a convicted sex offender that never registered in carson city nevada while living and working at Dennis Hofs apartment complex, The Golden Dragon Apartments. In the two years he worked at the Bunny Ranch he never registered with Lyon County Sheriffs Department for his Sheriffs card which is mandatory by law to make sure that the people working there are not criminals or wanted. Dennis Hof has been helping this guy hide from police. This man is an especially dangerous sex offender in that he is very violent when he rapes girls. Both Dennis and Philip Yoder have been friends since Philip owned a publishing company for sex clubs. This is very disturbing and shows us just how sick and twisted Dennis Hof really is.
    This story has never been told. Someone should and will expose this man

    Comment by amazed | October 19, 2008 | Reply

  3. Dennis Hof is a sick pedophile protected by the corrupt police department in Lyon County.

    Comment by Ryan | November 3, 2008 | Reply

  4. Dennis Hof has been helping his friend wanted sex offender Philip Yoder hide from police by giving him a place to live at his apartment complex and working under the table at the bunny ranch for the past two years. Dennis Hof is trying to recruit our children who turn 18 into prostitution. He is corrupting our children here in Carson City! Why are people tolerating this pimp? How can he get away with aiding and abetting a wanted fugitive? CORRUPTION IS HOW IT IS DONE IN CARSON CITY!!!!

    Comment by Lisa | November 6, 2008 | Reply

  5. Dennis Hof is a criminal just like Joe Conforte and the pedophile David Burgess of the Hells Angels. He is a criminal in Carson City and gets away with it because the taxes he pays goes right to the police. It is CORRUPTION. Carson City is pimping out our children by allowing this pedophile to operate a legal brothel here!!!

    Comment by 4real | November 10, 2008 | Reply

  6. I get why people have a problem with Dennis but why do you have to bring his daughters and grand kids into this?????

    Comment by john | December 2, 2008 | Reply

  7. Dennis Hof is a pedophile and rapist! He has friends rape girls as he watches. He is a sick man!

    Comment by Carla | December 10, 2008 | Reply

  8. Dennis Hof may be a pedophile, but that’s hardly the issue here. Hannity was face to face with a true free market and he didn’t like what he saw. That’s the real issue with the free market; if we want a truly free market that means legalized prostitution, legalized drugs, no tariffs on imports (you think American manufacturers could stand up next to extremely cheap Chinese products without tariffs? HA!). American companies that rely on selling goods and services or producing goods just can’t stand up in a truly free market. The only people that are truly interested in a free market are “People” like Hannity that can go around and proclaim that the free market is best because he knows what’s best for America; but he would have nothing to lose (until Hugh Hefner makes an all nude news channel because the FCC has been abolished). His version of the free market is let the oil companies do what they want, let Wal*Mart destroy small town America, but he ignores the mess that is uncovered after that.

    Comment by Pacifus | May 24, 2009 | Reply

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