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Walker Texas Ranger & Colmes

Tonight! For one night only…Chuck Norris is filling in for Sean Hannity! Yes, the man, the myth the legend: Chuck Norris…I guess everyone else was busy.


-On the subject of the docudrama “the Path To 911,” the star of “Delta Force I & II” and “Missing In Action I – III” tells the country that he “hates it when movies are used to further political agendas.”

-On dealing with the Muslim community he is shockingly moderate. I’m unhappy to report that Chuck is not the attack dog that Hannity is. I mean, this is the first time I’ve ever seen Colmes exude anything resembling “charisma.”

-Timz, the Iraqi rap artist has a very civil disagreement with Chuck Norris (Chuck even concedes that Timz has a point about the failure of the U.S. war strategy and lets the artist’s claims of civility in Hussein’s Iraq slide). As much as I have a distaste for Hannity, I expect his stand-in to at least play his part. I do not watch Hannity and Colmes for civil debates and exchange of ideas. I watch it because Sean Hannity is an arrogant, obtuse, self-righteous blowhard. When I want to be informed I watch C-SPAN. But right now I want to be amused and Mr. Norris’ civility is cockblocking that. But on the other hand, I feel comforted that Chuck Norris is not that kind of guy.

-Oh, wait, he’s for Newt Gingrich…Never mind.

Also: Dennis Miller’s “Free Speech.” His rants are not funny and the graphics aren’t helping. Sorry, Dennis. I have been big fan of his for years but his new material is falling flatter than the morbidly obese man who jumped from a Maxim Hotel Casino window back in 1999…And that last joke.


January 26, 2007 - Posted by | Blogroll, chuck norris, colmes, Dennis Miller, FOX NEWS, hannity, Iraq, News and politics, TV

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  1. The truth, spoken well, will always trump the lie, even if the lie is shouted.

    Comment by william Tomin | January 30, 2007 | Reply

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