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Jay Inslee talks about Sci-Fi…kinda

I was watching C-SPAN  just now and perked up when Rep. Jay Inslee mentioned the use of ocean waves to produce electricity.  I perked up because this is actually one of the plot points for the upcoming film Southland Tales.  Turns out that such a thing is being worked on…

…And for a second I was flashing back to late Summer (?) of last year when Joe Biden quoted a line from the from the teaser trailer for Rocky Balboa (you know “It’s not how hard you can hit…It’s about how hard you can get hit.”) in a speech he made in South Carolina.  Of course the Biden thing was a whole other ball of wax.  His speech writers should have been slapped around for laziness.  I guess it shows just how little a threat Biden really poses that no one picked up on that line at the time…Or how few had seen the first teaser trailer for Rocky Balboa.

The Inslee speech bugged me because I was about to write a stinging, sarcastic missive about how he should put the bong down until I did a bit of research.


January 18, 2007 - Posted by | C-Span, geekery, News and politics, spoilers

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