The Bad Guy


I do not revel in the death of others.  On the other hand, when death is preserved on video as historical record (and there is time to plan) a Steadicam, or at least a tripod, would be a grand idea.  You know what another grand idea would be?  How about encoding Quicktime videos at a higher bit rate?

My point is that after watching anyone die, I should feel some sense of shame over seeking out and watching a video of a person being executed.

Instead of a normal, HUMAN reaction to watching another person die (some sense of horror, guilt for putting forth effort to see the clip, etc.) I am looking at the video quality and wondering if this is the real thing or a hoax.  I’m wondering why the picture goes black for almost a minute, I’m wondering if the video was shot with a cell phone.  I am wondering a whole bunch of things that have nothing to do with the fact that I JUST WATCHED SOMEONE DIE.  And that bugs me.


December 31, 2006 - Posted by | death, humanity, News and politics, production value

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