The Bad Guy

Kent Hovind to experience Social Darwinism first-hand.

Kent Hovind is a legend in the world of Creation Science. His videos are cult hits on the internet by both evangelicals and drug-crazed young people, he travels the world preaching that dinosaurs are really dragons and still exist in remote areas of the world and he has his own dinosaur theme park in Florida.

But all is not well in the world of Kent Hovind. Yesterday (11/3/06) he was convicted of 58 counts of tax fraud. Turns out that he paid all his employees in cash and never paid taxes on his payroll and so much more. Thanks Federal Government, now I’m going to have to hear this guy proclaim how he’s being persecuted for his faith for the next few years.

Sadly, between his tax woes and Ted Haggard’s love for homo-erotic tweaking, Kent Hovind is about four character assassinations short of a Godfather finale montage.

[Update: Because the above link no longer works here’s another that does.]


November 5, 2006 - Posted by | News and politics, Uncategorized

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