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Why Am I not Even Slightly Surprised By This?

Here’s an article that you might wnat to take a gander at.  As tasteless and horrid as the product is, I do not find its’ existance to be even remotely shocking.  I had some jokes about this but they sounded too much like the ones you’ll hear on Leno, so I’ll spare you.


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Arnold and Phil’s little, girly debate.

6:15pm – Wow, I can’t believe I’m going to vote for Angelides.  Come to think of it, I can’t even see a reason to vote for either him or Schwarzenegger…I really dislike both these guys.

6:16pm – …Oh shit!  Phil just reached up and bitchslapped Arnold about those “walking backwards” ads!

Arnold’s reply: “You just LOVE to increase taxes.”

Wow.  This is quite a sight.  Two grown men having a sissy cat fight.

6:23pm – Phil just invoked Reagan’s name first.  I guess the score is tied now…Oh, too bad.  He just admitted to being “unsuccessful” at his job a couple of times.  Bad word choice.  Arnold said his “mistake” was moving too fast on his ballot initiatives.  In dating language this translates to “Baby, you just make me feel so excited.  If you don’t touch it I’ll go crazy!”  Ewwww.

6:27pm – Immigration.  In a nutshell, Agelides wants to get Washington to live up to its’ promises and guest workers.  Arnold’s reply: “I’m an immigrant.”  No shit, really?

6:42pm – On the subject of character and integrity:

Angelides claims his family and his values, industrious spirit and tireless efforts on behalf of California…yawn.

Schwarzenegger:  Giving back to the people in the form of  the Special Olympics, getting kids to say no to gangs and drugs.  Wow, that’s all you got?  Way to snub your wife and kids.

6:47pm – Both candidates got the chance to ask a question to the other.  This was, I believe, the highlight of the event. 

Arnold’s question for Phil: “What was the funniest moment of your campaign?”  Lame question, boring answer.  So boring I don’t remember it.

Phil’s question for Arnold: “Why did you try to privatize the police, firefighter and teacher pension funds?”  OH SNAP!!!  No he di-int!!!  How’s he going to answer that?  With a bitchy answer.  To summarize, Schwarzenegger pretty much said “No I didn’t and fuck you very much for bringing it up…dick.”

 Honestly, I’m not a big fan of Arnold’s.  His little quips tonight showed little spontaneous humor and showed just how little he had to offer besides no new taxes (Whatever, I make very little and have seen an actual INCREASE in what I pay every year).  Considering that tonight he claimed his greatest personal accomplishment being social climbing, I’m going to stick with voting for Phil “Crashing-Bore” Angelides.

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Why Can’t the English teach their reporters to use correct Horror metaphors?

My response to the article on “Frankenbunnies” in today’s “This Is London”:
The term “Frankenbunny” was used and I became very annoyed. Why? Because what was described was not a “Frankenbunny” but an “Island of Dr. Moreau bunny.” The bunny is a chimera, made from splicing human and bunny genes together.

In order to make a “Frankenbunny” one must start with a grand assortment of recently deceased bunny parts. Then one must sew together these bunny parts and reanimate with lightning.

Then this bunny must be able to say “fire…BAD!!!” And kill your significant other. After this the creator of said “Frankenbunny” must recognize that this bunny is an abomination in the eyes of god.  This must all climax in a showdown in the arctic circle where the Frankenbunny hops away from ice floe to ice floe.

But, alas, the bunny described in this article is a Moreau bunny. It will not be nearly as cool. It will merely disgust Island visitors who just want to enjoy a Pina Colada on the beach without wondering if this Bunny-waiter needs to be tipped.

So sad.

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