The Bad Guy

the Brown Room

Raymond began working with me at the building early last year. He started off as a great guy to work with and capable of tackling the most daunting of tasks.

One task was literally, Herculean.

A resident had relapsed into a dreadful crack habit and stopped looking after herself and her apartment. To make matters worse she was a double amputee (both legs) with diabetes who paid other crackheads to help her out instead of having bona-fide care givers look out for her.

To make this long story as short as possible, the management got wind of what was going on and inspected her unit. What they found there…uh…Ok. You remember in the movie “Se7en” when the cops run into the crime scene and the rookie cop runs right out and vomits in the hallway? It was kind of like that.

In this small, one-bedroom apartment was excrement. Poop. Feces. Shit. Whatever your favorite term for the substance, it was everywhere. It covered the walls, the floor, the kitchen, in the drawers, in the fridge, the sink, around the toilet and in the bathtub. Really, it was everywhere. Yes, the bed, the TV, every cabinet, the lamps…the ceiling…THE CEILING!!! I’m just going to stop right there. To answer your question “What about the ____?” The answer is “YES!!!”

Only one thing in the apartment remained relatively untainted…her crackpipe. The resident was sent to the hospital and to rehab and the brand new maintenance man, Raymond, stepped up to prove his worth. The Augean Apartment was his to redeem.

He worked for 6 days in a makeshift HAZMAT suit and accomlished something remarkable. He made it habitable for humans once again. It was because of this feat that I had a huge amount of respect for Raymond.


September 24, 2006 - Posted by | Work

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