The Bad Guy


Raymond continued to do a great job after his success with the Augean apartment…for the next few weeks. He lived on site so I got to see steady increase in the number of “cousins” who came to visit him on a regular basis. Hell, I don’t care about an on site guy having friends over, and for the first month or so I didn’t pay it any mind. Of course that began to change as steadily as the decline in his job performance.

My first clue was not that he had struck up a peculiar friedship with the old hippie who grew 100%, a-ok legal, medicinal marijuana in his unit (the gardening as well as his long, white beard made it imperative that I nickname him “Mr. Natural”). It wasn’t even the 20 “cousins” who would hang out in Raymond’s unit at all hours of the day and night. No, what got my attention were the hardcore drug users who would come looking for Raymond continuously.

Since the building I work at is a secure building, the desk clerk (me) has to call up to the residents when their guests arrive. And when visitors are given authorization to go upstairs, they must leave their ID’s with me. Visiting hours end at 11pm and all overnight guests must be registered before that time. The one exception to those rules is the on site maintenance man. He can have as many guests as he wants anytime he wants. As a result, a lot of folks without ID, or wanting to visit after hours would just invoke Raymond’s name and I would have no choice to but let them up when he said yes.


September 24, 2006 - Posted by | Work

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