The Bad Guy

Raymond, pt2

As the months wore on doing my (admittedly) easy job became a bigger and bigger problem. There was the parade of temporary managers – nine total – who did little but occupy the office for two to three weeks and quit. Crackheads and junkies roamed the hallways at all hours of the night and they were all making regular stops at Raymond’s apartment.

During the hours when Raymond was supposed to be doing his real job, he was most likely sleeping while he got one of his down-and-out “cousins to do his job for him…and they all had master keys to every door in the building. Oh sure, if one of his guys freaked out a little too much they would be out. But that would have to be a heck of a freak out.

During this time I just did my job as best I could and tried not to rock the boat too much. Contrary to the way I usually handle things, I just tried to keep an even keel until a real manager was hired. Little did I know that was just what Raymond was waiting for.

Nora Mitchell showed up last summer and tried to fire me three times. Once for making copies, once for watching tv and once for asking a screaming couple to please keep it down.

For those who know me you will have just called “Bullshit.” And you would be right to do so. Let me now state for the record a previous termination story.

Back in 2003 I was fired from a job for being drunk and telling a radio station that all the customers were morons. Did I deserve to get fired for that? Yes. It really was the best decision for all concerned. And despite this one incident where I walked in, flipped off a guy I worked with and left, I’d say that I’ve conducted myself with great maturity.

My point is that I can be honest with my readers and I can be honest to myself. Nora was not firing me for any real infraction. She hadn’t even worked at the building two days when she attempted to terminate my employment. The truth is that Raymond and a few of his regular customers (some of them residents) made a rather convincing argument. So without having ever met me, Nora Mitchell decided I had to go.


September 24, 2006 - Posted by | Work

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