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R.I.P. Rudy Ray Moore

Rudy Ray Moore passed away yesterday, and I am a bit sad about this.  Not just because he was a great force in independent film, a comedy innovator or even an accomplished singer.  No, I’m upset for personal reasons. Continue reading


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Even I’m creeped out! [UPDATED]

Ask anyone who’s known me longer than an hour and they’ll all tell you the same thing: Continue reading

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PG Porn

This clip needs no introduction, but it’s getting one ayway.  Nathan Fillion (Serenity, Waitress, Slither) and Aria Giovanni (Alabama Jones & the Busty Crusade, Thirteen Erotic Ghosts) star in this soon to be classic titled “Nailing Your Wife.”

No, I can’t embed the video here. You’ll just have to click on the link below.

Nailing Your Wife | Girls |

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Yeah, this clip is from last week, but YouTube wouldn’t acknowledge that I had uploaded it for a couple of days.  Now, without further delay, one of the most awesome non-Gerlado clips from the Ike coverage.

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A letter from AIG

Now that I own a home I have to deal with all the wonderful things that go along with that.  Taxes, condo fees, dealing with all repairs myself, and insurance.  And guess what company insures my place?  If you said AIG you’d be correct.  Anyway, being a little on edge about the state of the company that’s supposed to help me out should my house burn down or whatever, I inquired about things.  This is the response that I got.  OK, this, most likely, is the response all of AIG’s customers got today: Continue reading

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“Jesus is like a Mountie…

…He always gets his man.  And he’ll zap you anyway he can.”

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I won’t hold my breath, but thanks anyways.

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Sara Benincasa IS Sarah Palin

Until today I knew NOTHING about this New York comedian.  As of now, I am one of her biggest fans.  Sara, you are awesome.  If our paths ever do cross, I owe you dinner.

And if you are someone who is confused about the message of my previous post conflicting with posting this, I’ll clear things up:  These videos are ball-bouncingly funny.

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Easy Pickens’

OK, OK.  I need to explain myself.  I have nothing against Sarah Palin or her family.  Bristol Palin might have made a mistake, but I know so many other folks (and myself) who made impulsive, wrong-headed decisions in their youth and it’s wrong to take pot-shots at a young lady in crisis.

So what?  Bristol Palin is with child.  The important thing is that her family is sticking together and showing their love by supporting her in this difficult time.  This is how it should be.  A family being so strong and accepting is a beautiful thing, an example to show the rest of the country.  To the Palin Family, I wish for you nothing but blessings.

But what about the young gentleman purported to be the father of Bristol’s unborn child?

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Ew…Just, ew.

Dr James Dobson’s reaction to the Palin as McCain’s VP choice.

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